Have you ever said to yourself, "I wish I could make money doing something that I enjoy?"

                          YOU CAN!!

I can't tell you how many times I heard people tell me how lucky I am that I get to earn money doing something I love.

Whether it's artwork or anything else that you enjoy doing, there's always a way to make money at it, if it serves the needs of someone else.

                     That's the key!

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What's Next?

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The success of any business is based on providing a product or service for others that they cannot provide for themselves.   Every business must provide in some way a product or a service that benefits people in a way that they are willing to pay for it.

We do not earn money just because we are talented.  We get paid because we provide a service!  ​However, if the service we provide involves one or more of our talents, we will most likely enjoy what we do, we will do our best work because we enjoy what we are doing, and we will most likely get paid well because we do good work.    But the money doesn't come because we are talented, it comes because we provide a service of some sort with our talent.

In principle, the business of art is no different from any other business.  It's all about service.

As an artist, you get to decide what kind of service you want to provide.  Many aspiring artists think of art galleries as the only outlet for their work and they become easily discouraged when the galleries have no interest in their particular style or products.    Galleries are only a small fraction of the potential market for art.

The conventional job prospects for artists is not good, but the opportunities to be of service are unlimited!  ​ Therein lies the key to success!     The creative person does not look for steady employment and a weekly paycheck.   Instead, they look for projects that they can do that involve their particular talents and skills.

With regard to earning money, it's not the talent you have that matters so much as what you do with your talent that determines whether you can earn money with it or not.   That explains why some rather untalented people earn good money (they provide a service) while some very talented people are broke or unemployed or working in jobs that they do not like.  (They aren't using their talents in ways that benefit others.)

If you have an interest in earning money with your talents, think of ways that you can serve the needs of others with your unique skills and interests.   Any form of self expression that you are passionate about can be turned into a career that is both spiritually fulfilling and financially rewarding if you will use your talents to serve the needs of others.  

​Simply put, that is the purpose of any business.

Currently, I am putting together a series of video lessons that are designed to teach people how to use the tools and techniques that I use to produce the work you see on my website.   These lessons will include airbrushing and pinstriping, hand lettering and wall murals along with some business insights and tricks of the trade.

If any of this would interest you, or if you've seen anything on this website that you have questions about, please fill out the contact form on this page and let me know what I can do for you.