A Cottage or Playhouse

Miner's Shed

Does your yard have a theme?  

Does your shed fit in with it?


If you have a pool, how about painting the shed to look like a life guard house or a vendor's stand? 

If you love animals, why not put one in the shed?  It won't eat much!!

It's your yard and it can be your fantasy!!

​I use Dunn Edwards paint products, formulated for the desert environment, 

for long lasting results.

Since antiquity, murals have been used by every culture to honor the greatest ideas we've had. 

​If you have a hobby, a passion for something or a fantasy that can be painted on a wall,  murals are a perfect way to do it!   

Fantasy Hot Rod Garage

Storage Shed with Port-O-Jon


​Log Cabin

What do you do with that "white elephant" shed in the corner of your nicely landscaped yard?

Make it look like something else!!

Transform that shed into a log cabin, a playhouse, a miner's shed or a personal shop of your choice.




Custom Painted Murals on Sheds

and Special Interest Murals


 ​Hand Painted Wall Murals

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