A Cottage or Playhouse

Miner's Shed

Does your yard have a theme?   Does your shed fit in with it?  

If you have a pool, how about painting the shed to look like a life guard house or a vendor's stand? 

It's your yard and it can be your fantasy!!

What do you do with that "white elephant" shed in the corner of your nicely landscaped yard?

Make it look like something else!!

Transform that shed into a log cabin, a playhouse, a miner's shed or a personal shop of your choice.




Custom Painted Murals on Sheds

and Special Interest Murals


  ​Hand Painted Wall Murals

(480) 844-1956

You know what you like to look at, and this isn't wallpaper!   

​I use Dunn Edwards paint products, formulated for the desert environment, 

for long lasting results.

Fantasy Hot Rod Garage


Since antiquity, murals have been used by every culture to honor the greatest ideas we've had. 

​If you have a hobby, a passion for something or a fantasy that can be painted on a wall,  murals are a perfect way to do it!   

​Special Interest Artwork

Storage Shed with Port-O-Jon

​Log Cabin