Garden Scene on Brick

I use Dunn Edwards paints that are designed for this climate and provide a good looking and durable product.



Wow!   What a difference!!!

Why live in a concrete prison?  Expand your horizons without knocking down walls!!

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​City Scene on a Brick Wall


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​Beach Scene on Brick Wall

​Beach Scene on Stucco Wall

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​Backyard Walls


Click on the video to the right and see an example of a beach and city scene combination with a Rocky Point theme.    

Below is a backyard with a campground theme.

From Beach Scenes to Mountains or City Streets, anything is better than a concrete wall!

Murals are as old as the early cave paintings found in France.

They have been used throughout history to decorate the elaborate temples and buildings of antiquity, as well as the most modern of commercial and residential buildings.

​Brick walls or Stucco walls, makes no difference!

Make a small space look bigger!

 It's Just Paint, but Anything is Possible!    

Imagine Beach Scenes,  Golf Courses,  Mountain Scenes and Gardens;  

Abstract Designs and an Unlimited Choice of Colors.