Custom Painted Murals

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​I have the talent, the tools and the techniques.  ​    

If you have a wall, give me a call at (480) 844-1956.    

​Many times, you, the client, have the best ideas.  You know what you want .  You know what you like.

Areas Can Be Creatively Decorated by Combining Art With Words

                for Children's Rooms, Classrooms, Offices and Meditation Rooms, etc.

 ​Great places for Decoration!

 ​Curved Entry Ways and Fireplaces are             

Decoration in a beautiful home is like the seasoning used in a delicious meal.

               Too much and it spoils the good taste, but not enough, and it has no personality.

​Decorative Artwork and

                 Hand Painted Murals

Murals By Gardner​.com