As an author, I also do public speaking.  My book, ​Artists Are Like Apple Trees, addresses the needs of the creative person to pursue and develop their own talents, if for no other reason than to keep their creative spirit alive.  Your uniqueness is your greatest asset.  Learning to package and market your uniqueness is the key to a career that is both satisfying to the bank account and fulfilling to the creative spirit within.

Imagination and the ability to bring ideas out of our mind and into the physical world is a gift worth developing.   Using our unique gifts leads us on a personal path to a life filled with adventure and exciting dreams.  When it comes to our talents, we need to use them or we lose them.

The book,Artists Are Like Apple Trees is available through where it can be purchased in paperback format for $8.99 and e-book format for $3.99.

I love to encourage people to use their own talents, and I'm happy to answer questions for those of you who are interested in using yours.   My advice is always free but hopefully it's worth more than I'm charging for it.

I'm always happy to give free estimates and it's always a pleasure to meet new clients.   Much of my business is built on referals, and as such, I always do my best to please the new clients and to never disappoint the ones who refer me.

That attitude has been a major key to my success and survival for the past 25 years.

I appreciate the time you took to look at my samples.

​If you have any questions or suggestions, I welcome them both.   Please use the form on this page or call me at (480) 844-1956.

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